These rocks were used in a small Saskatchewan, Canada village and were purchased by that club in 1958. From what I can see they are the Red/Brown Trefor granite with a couple of them being a bit of an off colour:

From my examination they do not have any inserts. I weighed a number of them with five of the red rocks “clocking in” at the same 38.8 lbs. Most of the yellows that I weighed were within a consistent range of 38.2 lbs (X3) and at 39.9 lbs (X2). I took them to the local curling club to test them out. A provincial level curler and a curling instructor had a chance to throw three yellow and three red up and down one of their sheets. They indicated that the rocks were lively and playable.

These rocks are for sale here in Canada (they are currently stored on a farm located near Roblin, Manitoba) and could be easily shipped to my supplier in the States as well if needed. Shipping costs would be the responsibility of the purchaser and can easily be arranged through Gardewine Trucking in Dauphin, Manitoba:

The rocks also safely fit in the back of a 3/4 ton properly equipped 4 X 4 truck for an “on the farm” pickup if so desired. I have a full set of photos relating to these rocks for people who may be interested in having a look at them.

I am open to reasonable offers on this complete set of 32 rocks.

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