Masters Mens Competitors needed

Are you over 60 and still want to play at a competitive level?

We are looking to put together a team to make a run at Masters this year. Check the competition dates to make sure that you’re not going to be in snowbird mode right when we really need you.

We need a lead who can throw tight center guards all day and go around them occasionally. You might be over 60 but you can still sweep like you’re 30, or at least make it look good.

We need a second who can go around those tight center guards, and occasionally either throw more of them, or remove them if they are the wrong colour or in the wrong place. You can also still sweep like a champ and have a keen ability to judge weight and anticipate change.

We need a third who can throw peels and runbacks and come around guards with consistent draw weight.

One of these three guys needs to be willing to be vice-skip and be able to coax your skipper back from the edge when he’s about to try something crazy and you see an easier shot that is clearly the better option. Conversely, you need to be willing to encourage him to think outside the box or take more risk when you think he’s developed tunnel vision or is playing too conservatively. Once in a while you’ll need to remind him who has hammer this end or what colour we are throwing. You can read ice well and help to ensure the skip puts the broom in the right place for the weight called, you can also make good line calls, and, most importantly, you know when to stop talking.

If you think you’d rather skip this squad than sit behind the glass and watch their antics, then I’ll be your vice and throw either lead, second, or third rocks depending on how everything works out with recruiting of the other two or three balding or white haired fellows. We’ll play out of whichever club we feel like, depending on who signs up for this, but our short-list right now includes the Granite and Ellerslie. We can also hiring a fifth man and/or a coach if there’s enough interest generated before the entry deadline of December 27.

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