November 6, 2020

With rising COVID case numbers in the province, and several curling clubs reporting members who have tested positive, Curling Alberta wants to further its efforts to help flatten the curve and to continue to provide our curlers with a safe and positive curling environment.  As such, Curling Alberta now recommends that clubs should request that masks are used during play but can and should be safely removed when needed (e.g., before and while sweeping, when drinking water, when regaining a comfortable rate of breathing, when replacing a wet mask, etc.).

We understand that not everyone can safely wear a mask when curling.  If and/or when you are not wearing a mask, please be especially aware to adhere to all on-ice physical distancing measures at your facility or in effect for a particular event/competition.  Curling Alberta will also be making the same request to curlers who compete in Curling Alberta sanctioned events.  All curlers are also encouraged to sanitize their hands regularly while playing.

We thank all curling clubs and their curlers for complying with our Return to Play Guidelines and all health authority protocols this season. We must all continue to look out for one another and to do our part to ensure that curling clubs can continue to safely operate this season.  Thank you for your help as we all work together for a safe winter ahead.

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