Would you be interested in officiating at curling events?  It’s a great way to be involved in the game and can lead to rewarding experiences!  These are volunteer positions and training courses are offered throughout the province for Level 1 and Level 2 officials/umpires.

Curling Alberta is pleased to announce that Brenda Rogers, a Curling Canada / World Curling Federation Level 5 Chief Umpire, will be the Head of Officials for Curling Alberta for the 2020-’21 season.  We have also appointed three Officials Coordinators (listed below) who are spread geographically within our boundaries.

The officiating team has reached out to our officials via email in September to see who is available for each of our Curling Alberta playdowns. This request contains a ‘Survey Monkey’ to be completed, please contact Brenda if you did not receive an email and you wish to be listed as an ‘active official’.  Once that information is gathered, it will be shared with the Coordinators to assign Chief Umpires to qualifying events. Brenda Rogers will be responsible to assign Chief Umpires to the various provincial championships.

Throughout the year and the province, we will host Level 1 and Level 2 training courses.  These are one-day courses with powerpoint presentations, rules review, on-ice training for Level 2 and equipment usage.  This is followed up with an open book exam that is published by Curling Canada. The courses will be posted on this website and registration will be online for each course.

Please feel free to contact any member of the officiating leadership team if you have any questions in regards to rules and officiating:

Curling Canada recognizes the need to develop and implement a National Curling Officials Certification Program.  The objective is to establish standard guidelines for the training and development of curling umpires who will be capable of officiating at regional, provincial/territorial or national championships. Courses are conducted by a Level 3 (or higher) umpire.


  • The fundamentals of timing to be a time clock operator.
  • Take the fist step in becoming a certified Curling Canada Time Clock Operator by taking this self-taught course. Click here for the course.


  • Requirements: attend a Level I Officials Technical course, pass an officiating exam and complete the practical requirements.
  • Practical Requirements:  must serve as a game observer, timing official and/or hog line official at a supervised championship for a minimum of 6 games under the direction of a certified Chief Umpire Level 3 or higher.


  • Requirements:  Level I certification, attend a Level II Officials technical course, pass an officiating exam and complete the practical requirements.
  • Practical Requirements: must serve as a Game Umpire and/or Chief Timer at a Provincial Championship for a minimum of 6 games under the direction of a certified Chief Umpire Level 3 or higher.

Practical Component Form

You will be provided with a practical component form when you attend a course. It is your responsibility to have this filled and out and signed by the chief umpire at the event.  When you have completed the required six games, you submit the form to the Curling Alberta office, who will in turn forward a copy to Curling Canada. The Umpire will be entered into the provincial database and registered in the National Database at Curling Canada.


  • Level 3 Umpires receive their certification by successfully acting as a Deputy Chief Umpire and later as a Chief Umpire at a minimum of three provincial events and receiving a positive evaluation of their performance by a Certified Level 3 Umpire . The recommendation for the Level 3 certification comes from a recommendation by Curling Alberta and is then submitted to Curling Canada.


  • Level 4 and 5 is based on training, experience and positive evaluation of performance usually at a National Level.

**Umpires can do a refresher workshop at no charge.

Click here for a list of current courses being offered in Alberta or contact Curling Alberta for further information.


If you are interested in becoming involved as an umpire, timer or volunteer at Curling Alberta sanctioned events please email The list of sanctioned events can be found here.

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