Boston Pizza Alberta Curling Tour

Breaking down the 2021-22 Excel Points Race

February 2, 2022

All events on the Boston Pizza Alberta Curling Tour this season are eligible for Excel Points, which is Curling Alberta’s points system to qualify teams for the Boston Pizza Alberta Curling Tour Championship. Now that this season’s provincial championships have concluded, teams can look ahead to our final event, and you won’t want to miss it!

The Boston Pizza Alberta Curling Tour Championship: How will it work?
Twelve men’s teams and twelve women’s teams will qualify for this competition based on their standing on the Excel Points Race. To qualify, teams must register with the Excel Points Race before February 28, 2022. Note: Teams do not have to be Alberta-based in order to qualify.

Follow these links to register for the Men’s Excel Points Race, the Women’s Excel Points Race, or the Mixed Doubles Excel Points Race.

Important Dates:
February 12-13 – WFG Okotoks Mixed Doubles (Okotoks, AB)

For any live stream links, please click below to watch an Alberta Curling Tour event every weekend

Curling Alberta is excited to pilot the Boston Pizza Alberta Curling Tour for the 2021-2022 curling season! Our tour coordinates a schedule of men’s, women’s, and mixed doubles events within Curling Alberta’s borders.

The Boston Pizza Alberta Curling Tour has been created for three main purposes:
1. To Extend the Curling Season 
– increasing the number of events in each category (events stretching into early April)
– increasing parity among the categories, giving a reason for teams to compete within Alberta
2. To Establish Consistent Event Standards
– requiring all events to meet our minimum requirements in order to be included on our tour
– creating a schedule of events that will remain consistent from year to year, allowing curling clubs and teams ample opportunity to plan their season
3. To Create a Tour Championship (Men’s and Women’s)
– to reward teams for competing and excelling on the Alberta Curling Tour
– to finalize and celebrate the 2021-2022 curling season

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