Recent 50/50 Winner Donates Winnings to Curling Club

February 28, 2021

“We put in $20 each with the intent that if we win, we donate it to the rink and it can live to see another day. And it is.”

Curling is more than just a game. It is often a key part of the social fabric in communities across Alberta. That is certainly the case for the Calumet Curling Club and their passionate team of volunteers and directors. Congratulations to this group of amazing and generous people for winning Saturday’s record 50/50 draw of $20,950.

“We have a little 2 sheet curling rink in our community completely run by volunteers and of course, with no curling this year, no bonspiel – which is kind of our number one fundraiser for the year, it was looking a little bleak. Now it’s not,” laughed Holly Riske.

Holly and fellow directors Blaine Ravnsborg, Vangie Gray, Eric Bloomquist, Rick Massing, Dan Lea, Dustin Krzywy, Ola Olson, Craig Massing, Kelly Dux and Lonny Olson decided to go in together and buy tickets for Saturday’s draw.

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