Men’s & Women’s Last Chance Registration Reopened Until December 13

December 7, 2022

Curling Alberta acknowledges the potential for some confusion surrounding the men’s provincial qualifier registration deadline, specifically relating to the last chance qualifier. As a result, the registration will reopen for the men’s and women’s last chance provincial qualifier. To be clear, ONLY the last chance will be reopened and interested teams must register online by noon December 13th. 

Note: If you are already competing in the first weekend of qualifiers in the men’s and women’s events, please do not register for the last chance at this time. These teams will be sent a private registration link after December 13th.

The Last Chance Qualifiers: 

Clarification: The last chance is considered a new qualifier, so teams may submit a new original roster without incurring an administration fee at the time of registration. Section 1.B of the Competitor’s Guide applies once the team is registered for the last chance qualifier.

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