Curling Alberta Releases its Sanctioned Competitions COVID-19 Policies and Protocols

October 5, 2020

Like you, Curling Alberta is excited to return to competition this season.  In preparation, our organization has thoughtfully compiled a set of policies and protocols, designed to keep us all healthy and curling, which will be in place at all sanctioned competitions.

When you participate in a Curling Alberta event this season, in addition to these policies being in place, you can also be assured that our host clubs will be accountable to uphold all the applicable health and safety guidelines within their facilities, including increased sanitation practices, spectator limits, etc.  Anything that you need to know that is specific to a host facility and/or community, including the club’s own COVID protocols and procedures, will be posted online in the event description.

“For right now, these policies serve to let our curlers and coaches know how our competitions will be different during the pandemic, under the current conditions and health guidance in our province,” said Jill Richard, Curling Alberta’s Executive Director.  “We’re incredibly fortunate in Alberta to be returning to competition right now in a way that is very near to normal.  This is an opportunity and a privilege I trust we’ll all value and handle with care.”

If changes are required in response to a change in our environment, Curling Alberta will distribute the messaging to their impacted clubs, players, parents, coaches, and volunteers. Any changes will also be posted on the Curling Alberta website and social media accounts.

To view Curling Alberta’s Sanctioned Competitions COVID-19 Policies and Protocols please click here.

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As always, please email us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

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