Statement: U20 Qualifier and Provincial Championship and Diploma Date Conflict

October 25, 2022

Dear Curlers, Coaches, and Supporters:

The purpose of this message is to inform you of the actions Curling Alberta has taken to minimize the impact of the date conflict with the U20 provincial qualifiers and championship with Alberta diploma exam dates.

Unfortunately, the heavy schedule this season has made it infeasible to avoid all scheduling conflicts. Please be assured that all potential alternative scenarios have been considered thoroughly.  Given our priority to avoid obstructing important opportunities for development wherever possible, it has been confirmed that the current schedule will remain as it is. 

We understand that this is not an ideal situation. However, in order to accommodate our student athletes, please be advised that the Provincial Championship draw will be modified to begin at or after 1:00 pm on the affected days to allow for exams to be written in the morning.

In addition, Curling Alberta has made arrangements with the Exam Administration Branch, the Edmonton School Board, and local schools for affected curlers to write their exam in a school near to the Ellerslie Curling Club. If you wish to write your exam in another school, please contact Britney Andersen at [email protected] to help with these arrangements as soon as possible. We will need your student ID number, first and last name, and the exam subject that you are to write

We appreciate your commitment to our sport and wish all our curlers the very best in their academic pursuits.

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