Vision, Mission & Values

As a newly amalgamated organization, Curling Alberta is proud to share it's new Vision, Mission and Values with you, our stakeholders.


We believe in spreading the power of sport through curling. We are committed to protecting the health and happiness of future generations while honoring our rich history. For all ages and abilities, Curling Alberta will provide equitable and quality opportunities to participate in our sport, striving to make curling the first sport of choice for all within our boundaries.


We exist to inspire the curlers of today and tomorrow.


Transparency: We aspire to be transparent, open, honest, and accessible in all our activities. Inclusivity: We strive to be inclusive and non-discriminatory to all who wish to participate.

Respect: We show respect by collaborating, communicating, and showing due regard for the opinions, rights, and traditions of others.

Integrity: We operate on a basis of integrity, accountability, and trust.

Excellence: We aspire to operate only to the highest personal and professional standards in all relationships, programs, and services

Innovation: We aspire to be a dynamic organization through creativity and innovation.

Stewardship: We aspire to integrate generations, and to understand and effectively manage our impacts on our environment and stakeholders. We will strive to implement sustainable practices, and act responsibly with respect to planning and the management of resources.

Health & Wellness: We provide a high level of support for all our people including focus on personal health, well-being, and safety. We aim to remove barriers to active living by providing a variety of programs and outreaches that integrate physical, psychological, and social issues where Albertans can learn and practice lifelong healthy habits.


1. Financial Viability

  • To become a financially sustainable and self-sufficient organization.

2. Club & Community Development

  • To drive increased participation for all ages and abilities by building partnerships and providing or supporting relevant programs and services.

3. Marketing & Communication

  • To establish and maintain appropriate methods for the timely and appropriate collection, distribution, and storage of information.
  • To establish a strong and positive brand for Curling Alberta.
  • To build and communicate a clear and compelling value proposition for membership & affiliation.
  • To increase the popularity & perceived value of curling in the community.

4. Leadership Development

  • To build leadership capacity in our sport by training and educating coaches, ice techs, officials, staff, and volunteers.

5. Governance

  • To establish systems, policies, and Board procedures to effectively set the strategic direction of the organization, monitors the achievement of results, and to ensure consistency with values, needs, and aspirations of the collective membership.

6. Competitive Structure

  • To build a robust and accessible calendar of sanctioned events that will provide relevant competitive opportunities for players of all abilities and ages.

7. Performance

  • To build a system that produces and retains National Champions, National Training Centre athletes, and World and Olympic Champions.
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