Curling Day in Canada Will be Celebrated in Alberta with ‘Share the Love Challenge’

February 25, 2021

Curling Day in Canada is coming up this Saturday, February 27th, and to celebrate, Curling Alberta is launching its ‘Share the Love Challenge’ on social media.  Curling Day in Canada is an important day to not only celebrate Canada’s greatest sport, but also a great way to #keepcurling, remain engaged and connected, and showcase our curling spirit.

“We are challenging not only athletes, coaches, and curling fans but all Albertans to shout out on social media with messages of appreciation to those who made a significant difference in their lives, whether it be related to curling or otherwise,” said Jill Richard, Executive Director of Curling Alberta. “Those who are tagged in post or tweet will be challenged to acknowledge the sentiment by purchasing 50/50 raffle tickets in support of curling and our communities, and in turn pass along their own messages of thanks and inspiration on to others.”

To participate in the Share the Love Challenge:

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