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May 26, 2021

Recently Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada have developed a variety of new resource products focused on the Government of Canada’s vaccination efforts, which can be easily integrated into a wide variety of communication channels.

Together, we are encouraging people in Canada to share why they plan to get vaccinated (or already have) through the “My Why” social media campaign that launched on April 13. They can share their stories on Twitter or Facebook and can tag @GovCanHealth, and use the hashtag #MyWhy. Please see the PDF for more information.


We would also like to continue to leverage your support in the distribution of resources to your clients and stakeholders.


Along these lines, we wanted to keep you up to speed on our latest videos, factsheets, social media and outreach efforts about COVID-19 Vaccines.


·       Social Media Frames: “When it’s my turn, I’ll get the COVID-19 vaccine!” and “I got the COVID-19 vaccine!

·       Infographic: Vaccine development and approval in Canada (available in 15 languages)

·       Factsheet: The facts about COVID-19 vaccines (available in 15 languages)

·       Social Media Posts: COVID-19 vaccine facts

·       Video: How vaccines are developed

·       Video: How do we know the COVID-19 vaccines are safe?

·       Video: How are the COVID-19 vaccines being monitored for safety?

·       Video Series: Vaccines & You

o   How were COVID-19 vaccines developed so quickly?

o   How do I know COVID-19 vaccines are safe?

o   Do COVID-19 vaccines have side effects?

o   How do COVID-19 mRNA vaccines work?

o   How do I know COVID-19 vaccines are safe without long-term data?

As vaccines rollout it is still important to practice public health measures, and use the COVID Alert app, to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Learn more with our existing resources:


·       Video: How the COVID Alert app works (available in 14 languages)

·       Video: There are some things you just don’t do halfway

·       Infographic: Going out safely during COVID-19 (available in 25 languages)

·       Infographic: How to make your mask fit properly

·       Infographic: Reduce the spread of COVID-19: Wash your hands (available in 33 languages)

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